Being an artist is the best job ever. It’s a fabulous excuse to learn all about anything that interests you. I love exploring the world around me, then communicating what I’ve learned in a style that is accessible, accurate and visually delicious. I strive to interpret the stories and characters I encounter with humor, genuine affection and just the right amount of detail.

One favorite assignment is as resident cartoonist for ‘Cobblestone’, an American History magazine for kids. I read the articles for each month’s topic, then write and illustrate a full-page comic for the back page of that issue. Other favorite projects include a science comic book for kids, a web site about Impressionism, animation for a seahorse exhibit in a zoo, and a musical animation about ground water conservation, complete with dancing groundhogs.

Interests outside of art include bicycling, skydiving, gardening and horrible puns, though not necessarily in that order, and certainly not all at once! I’ve ridden a camel, climbed a few mountains, jumped out of an airplane, seen a blue whale and traveled in a jeep through Mongolia. I can bake a pretty great batch of scones, and last week I finally learned to hula-hoop. My husband, young son and I live in Seattle with 3┬ácats, 4 chickens and 40,000 honeybees. We live smack in the middle of the city and pretend to have a farm. The neighbors believe us!